Listed below are the technical data sheets for the Power Technology (PT) series and Air Torque® Heavy Duty series types of actuators.   AIT’s PT series actuators are available up to 81,432 in-lbs. at 80 psi for double-acting actuators.


AIT carries the Air Torque® pneumatic actuator product line as the exclusive North American master distributor.   These types of actuators are 100% Italian made and held to the highest standards and certifications.

PT'N' Series: Rack & Pinion Actuators

This product line is developed for specific End User request in terms of the combination of materials and coating to get optimal performance against specific and aggressive environments. Offered in both spring return and double-acting for your quarter turn applications. 

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ATHD Series: Scotch Yoke

The ATHD product line was developed due to the need in the market for applications out of the torque range of rack and pinion actuators. With the industry trusted name that Air Torque has brought in the PT series, the ATHD brings that same quality and reliability that end users know and trust.

Specialized Actuators